Ivan likes taking pictures - actually he loves taking pictures…so much that he created this website showcasing his work. Based between NYC and LA, he takes inspiration from the hustle and bustle of cities. His work is inspired by the use of light, neo-noir, cyberpunk, and other futuristic themes (think Blade Runner, Tron, Devil May Cry, Inception).

He was told at a young age that perfection is impossible, but that never stopped him from squeezing the best out of his pictures. He believes his goal is achieved when his work illicit a feeling from its viewers.

Ivan is a Sony Alpha ambassador - He joined the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective in its conception in 2017. He is also an original tribe member of Google #teampixel Ambassador program since 2017.

When he’s not writing about himself in third person he enjoys exploring cities, brainstorming concepts to create, trying new foods/culture, and finding time to enjoy nature once in a while.